Thursday, 28 April 2011

Who We Are

 Gauteng Debating League is the leading league  specialising in the development and coordination of debate at  schools with little or no exposure to debating, historically disadvantaged schools in particular.  Our team has extensive experience in the adjudication, training and management of schools debating. 

What makes us different?

 We  develop and manage district leagues to ensure  that debating is sustainable in the province.  Our team also strives to involve educators in the management of the  League. Our creative approach to training has ensured that the League develops quality speakers able to compete effectively in national and international championships.

What are we known for?

 The League is famous for entrenching a culture of debate at schools in Gauteng.  As a result, we have developed lasting relationships with learners and educators who view us as trusted partners.  We have also built meaningful relationships with other organisations  committed to the development of debating in the province.

 We specialise  in training and learners and educators, management of round robin debates and championships. Our team also provides the above services to government departments and other organisations similar objectives.